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2021 Energy Management Leadership Awards banner

CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards


Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Energy Management Leadership Awards!


View the press release about the 2021 winners!


Companies around the world use the ISO 50001 standard to achieve energy, economic, and sustainability benefits that boost competitiveness. The standard offers a business-friendly way to align corporate objectives with national climate and energy goals. To enter, organizations develop a structured case study showing how their energy management system delivers diverse benefits to their company, community, and country. Case studies will be shared online as an inspiration and resource for businesses, governments, and other organizations.


CEM Award of Excellence in Energy Management

The top entries will receive the prestigious Award of Excellence. This global award brings high-profile government recognition and media attention to organizations that transform the way they use energy. The award aims to acknowledge organizations of various sizes, types, sectors, and geographies.


National Energy Management Awards

Governments may decide to honor organizations submitting top entries from their countries.


Energy Management Insight Awards

All qualifying entries will be recognized for helping to build global insight on EnMS benefits.



  • Gain prestigious, global recognition for efficient energy management.
  • Demonstrate your clean energy leadership to investors, customers, and employees.
  • Affirm your organization’s leadership in a global gathering of energy ministers and high-level international organizations.


To Apply

The submission deadline for the 2021 Awards was 16 August 2021.


The Energy Management Leadership Awards is managed by Energetics Incorporated, which served as the awards administrator for the CEM’s former Energy Management Working Group (EMWG). The EMWG was launched in 2010 by the CEM and IPEEC and officially concluded its work in September 2020.


View the video: Celebrating the Success of Energy Management

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National Energy Management Recognition

Countries are recognizing ISO 50001 energy management leaders through the CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards program or through national programs.


CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards - National awards:

Argentina flag

Argentina is partnering with the CEM to offer a national award through the CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards. The national award is offered by the Under Secretariat of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of Argentina’s Secretary of Energy.


Canada flag

Canada is partnering with the CEM to offer a national award through the CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards. A Canadian national award will be given to the highest scoring Canadian entry received through the global program. This award is presented through the Canadian Industry Partnership for Energy Conservation (CIPEC).


South Africa flag

South Africa offers an Energy Management Award in collaboration with the global CEM awards program.



UAE flag

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure is collaborating with the Clean Energy Ministerial to offer the UAE National Energy Management Award. The award aims to praise and encourage efforts in applying energy management standards in the UAE and support in achieving the UAE’s National Demand Reduction Target of 40% by 2050.


National Programs:

Chile flag

In Chile, the Ministry of Energy offers the Sello de Excelencia Energética, which recognizes organizations leading in energy management at the national level. The top distinction, Gold, honors Chilean organizations certified to ISO 50001 with at least two implemented energy efficiency (EE) measures. The initiative is administered by the Energy Sustainability Agency.

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