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Siemens is participating in the CEM’s Advanced Power Plant Flexibility Campaign to present innovative technologies to enhance conventional power plants flexibility. Our intention is to obtain sustainable energy systems which allow the integration of increasing amounts of renewable power generation and maintain the stability of the electrical grid. We will participate in the campaign with the following activities:

  • Review the installed fleets of thermal power plants in specific regions with respect to the potential of operating flexibility based on our comprehensive portfolio of flexibility solutions
  • Share data and general information with regards to technical options for retrofitting power plants, considering  advantages and disadvantages of  different solutions including latest technologies of plant components (e.g. turbines) as well as advanced plant control systems and logics
  • Support IEA arranging study tours to visit highly flexible power plants
  • Complement study tours e.g. in Germany with training sessions for plant owners and operators to explain the theoretical and practical background of the flexibility upgrades implemented in the plants 
  • Send Siemens experts to present at the events of the APPF campaign
  • Contribute to the report of the campaign by presenting showcases of plant flexibility upgrades with special focus on advanced controls and explaining further technical potentials