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General Electric

GE recognizes the significant need power producers have around the world for flexibility— with planning, operations and finances. Our portfolio offers customers a broad range of flexibility solutions for existing power plants across gas, steam and hydro facilities—to help them operate more seamlessly with a growing footprint of renewable power. Our commitment extends to supporting our customers, as well as the broader industry, in collaborating to identify and share long-term strategies that help ensure reliable power for future generations. GE is delighted to participate in the CEM’s Advanced Power Plant Flexibility Campaign with the following activities:

  • Partner with IEA to develop analysis on the global potential for increased operating flexibility from existing thermal power plants.
  • Showcase technologies to improve/upgrade existing plant assets, including factors driving decisions to invest in specific solutions.
  • Explore opportunities for GE and IEA to co-host a webinar and/or other public events and/or make GE leaders available to speak at related IEA engagements, as appropriate.
  • Develop a thought leadership white paper to advance the discussion of the importance of these upgrades through an assessment of the options and benefits in a global energy landscape.
  • Share customer success stories (in a variety of mediums) showcasing how they have invested in strategic GE solutions to improve their operational flexibility.