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Joint NICE Future & Rosatom Webinar "Country Spotlight: Russia. Shaping the Clean Energy Future"

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6:00 PM in Moscow
CEM work stream event

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The webinar will give the international audience a taste of discussions underway in Russia on climate change, challenges and opportunities of decarbonization and potential of nuclear power in shaping the clean energy future.

Webinar outline:

o Mikhail Yulkin, CEO, The Centre of Ecological Investment
“Global decarbonization: challenges and opportunities for Russia”

o Alexander Ginzburg, Head of laboratory, A.M. Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics of RAS
“Carbon footprint and anthropogenic heat flow due to the energy consumption of a large city”

o Fedor Veselov, Deputy director of the Energy Research Institute of the RAS
“Competitiveness of nuclear power plants in the context of decarbonization strategies”

o Polina Lion, Chief Sustainability Officer, Rosatom
“2050 low-carbon Agenda and Sustainable Energy Mix”

o Evgenii Varseev & Ivan Andryushin, Youth Committee members and data analytics, Rosatom Tech
“Role of Nuclear Power in Mitigating Global Climate Change: Data Visualization for Predictive Analytics”

Moderated by Vladimir Artisyuk, Councilor, Advisor to DG , Rosatom