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ISGAN Webinar - Flexibility needs in the future power system

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The next webinar in the ISGAN Academy introduces you to power system flexibility. The term "flexibility" is used as an umbrella covering various needs and aspects in the power system. In this work, flexibility needs are considered from over-all system perspectives (stability, frequency and energy supply) and from more local perspectives (transfer capacities, voltage and power quality). With flexibility support considered for both operation and planning of the power system, it is required in a timescale from fractions of a second (e.g. stability and frequency support) to minutes and hours (e.g. thermal loadings and generation dispatch) to months and years (e.g. planning for seasonal adequacy and planning of new investments).

Speaker: Emil Hillberg, Swedish representative CIGRE Study Committee C4 - Power System Technical Performance; Technical Lead ISGAN Annex 6 - Power Transmission and Distribution Systems


The webinar will use Adobe Connect. Sound will be broadcast over the internet. If you are a first-time attendee, please check the system requirements that we'll send you in the confirmation email.