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United States
United States


  • Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment Initiative*
  • Electric Vehicles Initiative*
  • Energy Management Working Group*
  • 21st Century Power Partnership*
  • Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership*
  • International Smart Grid Action Network*
  • Clean Energy Solutions Center*
  • Clean Energy Education and Empowerment Initiative (women in energy)*
  • EV 30@30 Campaign*
  • Advanced Power Plant Flexibility Campaign*


  • Multilateral Solar and Wind Working Group*
  • Advanced Cooling Challenge*
  • Corporate Sourcing of Renewable Energy Campaign*
  • Energy Management Campaign*
  • Global Lighting Challenge*


Department of Energy

Hosting role

The US hosted CEM1 in 2010 and CEM7 in 2016

*US participation and leadership are under review