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Clean Energy Solutions Center

Countries around the world are looking to implement clean energy policies, but many face gaps in technical capacity, knowledge, and information. The Clean Energy Solutions Center has been highly successful in bridging these gaps by providing fast-response, high-quality, unbiased expert policy assistance at no cost to government policy makers. But this support needs to scale up to match the global need for policy assistance.

The Goal

Our goal is to help more governments design and adopt policies and programs to reach their clean energy and climate goals. We can do this by dramatically scaling up the policy assistance provided by the Clean Energy Solutions Center’s Ask an Expert program to reach 1,000 policy makers over five years, and by launching new services on clean energy finance.

The Opportunity

The Clean Energy Solutions Center is seeking additional financial and in-kind commitments to support this scale-up and the launch of a new Finance Solutions Center.

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Why It's Needed

Government policy plays a critical role in clean energy development. Getting the right policies in place as quickly as possible is essential to driving the clean energy transformation.

Many countries face critical gaps in technical capacity, knowledge, and information. Developing economies benefit greatly from the no-cost policy assistance and resources available through the Solutions Center, but demand is outstripping supply.

Financing is one of the greatest obstacles to large-scale clean energy deployment. Holistic energy policy planning also requires easily accessible and comprehensive information on clean energy finance.


The Solutions Center will recognize public and private leaders supporting the Solutions Center scale-up during an event taking place at the Paris climate change conference (COP21) in December 2015.

Scaling Up

The Solutions Center has tapped leading global policy institutions to form a network of experts to help government policy makers strengthen policy design and implementation. Learn more about the impacts of Solutions Center assistance. By scaling up and expanding the roster of global experts, the Ask an Expert service will be able to respond to up to 200 requests each year—significantly more than it currently does.

The Solutions Center is also launching a new Finance Solutions Center to provide resources and expert assistance to fill a critical knowledge gap in the clean energy finance space. The Finance Solutions Center will provide clear and concise information on existing and developing finance mechanisms, policies, and programs and the impartial expert advice needed for decision-making.

The Coalition

The Solutions Center coordinates with key global and regional partners, including:

  • Climate Technology Centre and Network
  • World Bank
  • Inter-American Development Bank
  • Asian Development Bank
  • International Renewable Energy Agency
  • International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation

The Solutions Center is co-led by Australia and the United States, with current funding provided by Australia, Sweden, and the United States. Canada, France, India, Indonesia, and Italy have also pledged support for a scaled-up Clean Energy Solutions Center with in-kind commitments of new policy experts.