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    Join us at the Ninth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM9) in Copenhagen on 24 May.


The CEM Corporate Sourcing of Renewables campaign comes to a close on a high two years after its start at CEM7.
The Netherlands becomes the 26th member of the Clean Energy Ministerial, transitioning from being an observer country.
Clean Energy Ministerial expands ambitions with eight new areas of work in the form of four initiatives and four campaigns.
At the 9th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM9) meeting today, a new nuclear innovation partnership, called “Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future (NICE…

Watch Commissioner Cañete invitation to CEM9

The Ninth Clean Energy Ministerial is on 24th of May - watch Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Arias Miguel Cañete's invitation to CEM9.

Latest publications

MOPCO is the 1st fertilizers plant in Egypt certified with ISO 50001.
Cheil Jedang (CJ) Indonesia-Pasuruan is the first CJ bio factory to implement ISO 50001.
A leading pioneer in the Indian textile industry.

About CEM

The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) is a high-level global forum to promote policies and programs that advance clean energy technology, to share lessons learned and best practices, and to encourage the transition to a global clean energy economy. Initiatives are based on areas of common interest among participating governments and other stakeholders.